• Rhone Wines Seminar and Tasting with Greg Borden

    Thursday, April 24, 2014 at Maslow 6 Wine Bar $50.00

    The Rhone Valley is really two separate regions: the northern Rhone and the southern Rhone. The north (for reds), with 5 major communes, is all about Syrah.  Cote-Rotie, Hermitage, St. Joseph, Crozes-Hermitage, and Cornas all focus on reds.  There are 3 other communes that focus on whites. The south encompasses Chateauneuf-du-Pape, along with most of the Cotes-du-Rhone that is produced. A whopping 13 varietals are allowed here.

    The northern Rhone is in many ways closer to Burgundy than to its southern cousin. Like Burgundy, it has a single varietal for the reds. Its growers deal with tiny plots. The hills are not gently rolling as in the south, but can be quite steep, forcing the vineyard workers to do everything by hand. The geology is incredibly complex, with the clash of the Massif Central and the Alps, and of course the presence of the great Rhone River.

    The southern Rhone is most famous for Chateauneuf-du-Pape, but also has added Vacqueyras and Gigondas as distinct communes. Here, the climate heads towards Mediterranean, and often times Grenache and Mourvedre are featured over Syrah. The wines seduce one with the warmth of the fruit and the plump textures.

    Greg Borden spent 10 years honing his trade on both the east and west coasts (including a stint at Donkey ad Goat in CA), as a cellar rat, line cook, sommelier, and wine director.  Greg has taken to the streets of Manhattan with great aplomb where he now works for Langdon Shiverick. He enjoys playing pick up basketball, popping corks, cooking, traveling, and reading science fiction.

    Greg will lead us on an exploration of the Rhone Valley from north to south, covering quite a few stops along this glorious route.  He'll talk a bit about the history, alot about the regions, and how the producers are working today. If you want a chance to dive into the Rhone ... this is it.

    We'll taste 8 wines, covering Cote-Rotie, St. Joseph, and Cornas from the north, and Vacqueyras and Chateauneuf-du-Pape in the south. Most of the wines in the tasting are red, but we won't forget about the whites - featuring the stunning St. Joseph Blanc from Gangloff.  Greg will talk about vintages and how the wines age too - with the Domaine de la Solitude Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2000 giving you a first-hand taste of what some of these wines can do when given a chance to age in the cellar.

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  • How to Navigate an Italian Wine List with Vince Attard

    Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at Maslow 6 Wine Bar $0.00

    From del Posto to Marea to tiny neighborhood Italian trattorias - New York has the best selection of Italian restaurants outside Italy. New York has had a sizeable Italian population for over 100 years and the food has been part and parcel of New York City life since then.  The wine followed, and although fine wine lists are a much more recent phenomenon, some of our favorite NY restaurants now boast Italian wine lists almost too heavy to lift. 

    And then there are the wine bars - another place where you'll want to have an understanding of what you are ordering.

    So - get comfortable with ordering wine from any Italian wine list, from a simple one-page list to all the sub-regions of Italy.

    Learn how to find your way around the different regions, grape varietals, and types of Italian wine.

    How do you go about choosing a wine that will match the food of everyone at the table?

    What questions should you ask the sommelier?

    What about vintages?

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  • Rose' walk-around Tasting!

    Thursday, May 01, 2014 at Maslow 6 Wine Bar $15.00

    We'll have at least 12 rose's out for this very fun occasion!

    It isn't often that you get the chance to taste so many rose's side-by-side. You can compare different styles, grapes, countries, regions...all at Maslow 6! We'll have experts on each wine on-hand so feel free to go into as much detail as you'd like!

    Join us for what promises to be a very fun evening indeed! 

    The cost is a mere $15, and you get a credit for $10 towards a purchase at the bar or the shop with your admission ticket. 

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  • Spring Fling - DRY German Wines!

    Thursday, May 15, 2014 at Maslow 6 Wine Bar $50.00

    Riesling of course, but also Pinot Blanc and Scheurebe.. AKA German Wine (And Why It's Better than any other wine that anyone you know is Making or Drinking).

    Taste the best of the best of dry German wines. Yes, many German Rieslings are sweet. But not always. 
    There is a whole trend in Germany towards dry wines.

    There is nobody that we know of, who can talk more intelligently and knowledgeably about these wines than Evan Spingarn...oh, and make it fun too!  

    Evan, wine seller, author, teacher, and German wine flamekeeper... 

    Taste and learn with Evan Spingarn as he presents a photo-illustrated lecture on his favorite topic. Evan Spingarn is an 18-year veteran of the wine profession, a former NYC retailer, a former writer for Wine Enthusiast magazine, author of The Ultimate Wine Lover's Guide 2005 & 2006, and a fairly decent bass-baritone in the shower. He currently serves as the German Brand Manager for NY-based distributor David Bowler Wine, and has written the lists for several wine bars in New York City, including the Tangled Vine and Lallisse.

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"In water one sees one's own face; but in wine one beholds the heart of another."  -  French Proverb